That’s because I see no reason to treat you with anything but respect. Though I must admit, it always pays to act.

Just a place to relax? Come now. You must surely have more inventive designs for the place - spell practice, unseemly liasons? [Studies her, his voice light, a hint of jest in his eyes] Glad to hear it. Perhaps I will have the pleasure of your company, when I least expect it.

Well, thank you? And acting? I know it is always helpful to act but aren’t acting and pretending the same thing? If everyone always acted then we wouldn’t know who they really were on the inside..

*raises her eyebrows, pretending to be shocked before she chuckles* Well, you got my motives correctly *smirks and nods her head* I’m definitely going for the unseemly liaisons… You know me after all…. No, I wouldn’t do such a thing. Perhaps you will, it would be nice. 



What did you need that caused you a problem?  If you don’t mind me asking, of course.

Of course not! I don’t mind at all, Andie.

It was Shrivelfig. Slughorn hid it from its usual place in the Potions Cupboard. *chuckles*  I was making some Elixir to Induce Euphoria because Slughorn asked me to make some for class. I don’t really know why Slughorn wanted me to make it. 


Found the last ingredient I need to make this potion. 

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Hi there! I’m Annabel Brown but call me Anna. Pleasure to meet you!

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Hello Agatha, haven’t seen you in a while… How are you?

The Candy Castle || Caradoc and Anna


He returned a smile when she agreed with him, “It’s unfortunate, he could’ve totally went on about some other creatures.. I don’t know, dragons? Yea, dragons, he could’ve taught about the history of dragons and I would’ve gladly pay attention and even take notes or something about it.” Aware of her blushing but decided to keep quiet, he chuckled to himself, as they walk down the road.

He looked over to her as she asked about his hobbies. “Umm, y’know the usual stuff many kids our age like to do, hanging out, read a bit, a little drawing here and there. Nothing much. What about you? Somehow, I don’t think tormenting first years is part of the list.” He chuckled. 

Annabel nodded and chuckled as Caradoc began speaking about dragons. “Dragons would have been a lot more interesting,” she added, telling him her opinion on the matter. “And it would helpful to know what special abilities each dragon has too.” Annabel did not really want to get into a sticky situation with a dragon involved and so she thought that it would be best to learn about how to defend oneself against a dragon. 

Silence softly fell in between them for a couple of minutes before Car began answering her question. She chuckled a little bit as he mentioned that tormenting first years was a hobby of his. “Drawing? Nice. I never have had the patience to sit and draw for hours and hours on end..” she admitted before chuckling a little more, “Well it is certainly not a hobby of mine either. I don’t torment little first years. The boys in my house enjoy doing that; however, I don’t understand why they do but each to their own, right? Well, I enjoy reading a good book once in a while, hanging out with friends, laughing, writing, swimming, and going to Honeydukes. Candy is my number one nemesis,” she teased with a quick grin before shaking her head at how silly she must have sounded.  But she didn’t care about how she looked because she had a feeling that Car wasn’t like other people she knew. He was just… easy to hang out and Anna liked that.

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Gentleman. [Quiet chuckle, slipping his fingers away as she stands] Plenty of people would disagree with that statement.

[Leads her towards the courtyard] So tell me, what do you intend to do with your secret places? [Glances across, wryly] I’ll expect you to share, should we ever find ourselves desiring the same spot.

Well, you’ve acted like a gentleman in front of me. 

*walks with him out to the courtyard & smiles at his question* What do I intend to do? I don’t know, I just want a place to relax and to hide away from silly drama and Slughorn. Of course, I’ll share it. Your showing me the place after all and it would be wrong for me not to share with you…

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Hi Annabel Brown here. Call me Anna, I hate being called Annabel. Sixth year Slytherin. Don't judge books by their covers. Or people. Friendly, intelligent, loyal. Forever yours, Anna.
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